Accountants’ Offices, Fairview, D3

Fairview, D3
Leahy & Co. Accountants
Project Management & Building Contractor
O’Dwyer & Associates
Project Description: 

Phase 1 (2001)

Re-configure two ground floor shop units and living space above – over 3 storeys in total.

Convert into a modern, open plan air-conditioned office with large extension of over 2,000 sq. ft.

Four apartments with private stair access and a roof garden formed a significant part of the project.

Phase 2 (2008)

Demolition of existing apartments on 1st and 2nd floors.
Construct new offices on two floors with extension to rear and side, with new support structure and zinc cladding on timber frame.
Offices have canteen, meeting rooms, open plan and cellular offices, including a complete fit-out with new computer floor, air-conditioning, built-in storage joinery units. This was achieved while the existing office unit on the ground floor continued to be occupied and working.

This client’s requirements changed over a number of years as the business grew and expanded, requiring extra square footage to accomodate specific needs. This was achieved within the original site without the need to move and the possible loss of local business and the client’s familiarity with the location.

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