Renovations / Heritage works

The selection of appropriate insulation material is especially crucial in old buildings. GEOCELL® combines a drainage layer and insulation in a single product, thus reducing building height. Moreover, GEOCELL® is diffusible, an important property for an insulating material when humidity is an issue.
GEOCELL® offers a breathable insulating floor system made from waste glass that can be reused or recycled at any time.

The renovation of a basement presents many difficulties especially in period properties. The management of moisture, combined with increasing insulation values without impacting a sites existing structure can prove challenging. External ground levels and foundation footings can impact the work involved and thus the cost and risk in a project. Confined spaces for the excavation and disposal of material can increase these costs further.

Achieving sufficient depth of dig to provide for sufficient insulation, whilst not damaging the building.
Moisture management.
Installation of insulation.
Access & egress to site with materials.
Risk associated with machinery and excavation works.
Geocell Gravel is a light-weight product (Density = 150 kg / m3), with a compressive strength of 275 kN/m² at compaction factor 1,3 : 1. This is equivalent to 27,5 t/m². Compressive strength (10% compression) 570 kN/m² (57 t/m²).
Geocell Gravel has enhanced insulation properties with a certified conductivity of 0.08 W/mK. Thus through using Geocell gravel instead of SR 21, no further insulation is required.
No additional insulation reduces the dig depth required.
Geocell Gravel is a closed cell structure which does not absorb moisture and facilitates the percolation of water.
Ideal for restrictive spaces.
Inert material - Pyrite free.

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