Roof Gardens

The advent of roof gardens is becoming increasing popular. Utilising a previously unused space to grow vegetation for outdoor amenity can pose problems from an engineering standpoint. New builds obviously enjoy a pre-design stage but challenges do still arise. Placing a living and constantly changing body of vegetation onto a roof space requires serious consideration in design and material selection. Water-laden soils will impose increased loads and should be managed correctly.

Reducing the potential impact on roof structure.
Moisture management.
Installation of material.
Access & egress to site with materials.
Future work
Geocell Gravel is a light-weight product (Density = 150 kg/m³), with a compressive strength of 275 kN/m² at compaction factor 1,3 : 1. This is equivalent to 27,5 t/m². Compressive strength (10% compression) 570 kN/m² (57 t/m²).
Geocell Gravel has enhance insulation properties certified conductivity of 0.08 W/mK. This additional benefit improves the sites existing U-value.
Geocell Gravel is a smooth surfaced closed cell structure which does not absorb moisture and facilitates the percolation of water. Thus the management of moisture can be catered much more easily, negating further loadings on the roof.
The material can be easily moved by hand and eliminates the requirement for machinery and the associated risk.
The reduced weight of the Geocell product allows the garden users to alter the garden design in the future without the use of machinery.

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