Pyrite Fill Replacement

The identification of pyrite contamination within a building is most unfortunate and obviously must be dealt with. The required remediation work can be substantial, exposing the areas of concern whilst limiting the stresses on the building along with difficult access for materials into and out of the building. New regulations (IS 398) detail that the replacement aggregate filled into the excavated floor must be certified that it is low in pyrite content. Thus once the concrete, insulation and hardcore are taken out, new material must be installed.

Maintaining insulation values within the building.
Installing SR21 as a hardcore replacement.
Manipulating the SR21 between building obstructions.
Resources required to carry out the work.
Ensuring that pyrite does not exist in the replacement material.
Geocell Gravel is a light-weight product (Density = 150 kg/m³), with a compressive strength of 275 kN/m² at compaction factor 1,3 : 1. This is equivalent to 27,5 t/m². Compressive strength (10% compression) 570 kN/m² (57 t/m²).
Geocell Gravel has enhance insulation properties certified conductivity of 0.08 W/mK. This additional benefit improves the sites existing U-value and negates the need to replace insulation.
Geocell Gravel is a closed cell structure which does not absorb moisture and thus facilitates the building’s breathability.
The material can be easily moved by hand and eliminates the requirement for machinery and the associated risk.
As Geocell Gravel is a stable and inert glass product, with no pyrite present.

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