Water Tanking

Invariably where structures are built or have been built in areas where poor soil conditions exist, innovative solutions are required. Chemical barriers and or physical membranes isolate the water from the external water tank wall. Typically the external wall soil will be excavated and gravel infilled to facilitate the flow of water away from the wall via a drain. Challenges exist in damaging the membrane or barrier when installing the infill. Also it is important that the volume of infill does not place excess force on the tank wall.

Additional Reinforcement due to increased loadings
Degradation of barrier
Puncturing of barrier
Water Build up around structure
Risk associated with machinery and excavation works.
Correct location of drainage path
Settlement of fill material
Geocell Gravel is a light-weight product (Density = 150 kg/m³), with a compressive strength of 275 kN/m² at compaction factor 1,3 : 1. This is equivalent to 27,5 t/m². Compressive strength (10% compression) 570 kN/m² (57 t/m²).
Geocell Gravel is a closed cell structure which does not absorb moisture and facilitates the percolation of water without capillary action.
Geocell Gravel has enhance insulation properties certified conductivity (lambda) of 0.08 W/mK.
Ideal for restrictive spaces.
Inert material – Pyrite free.

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