Bound and unbound insulating floor system

Bound Fills

Bound GEOCELL foam glass aggregate can be used everywhere where a light and insulating floor system is required. The mineral-bound, pressure-resistant packing used for leveling of floors as leveling compound over cables and pipelines. The healthy living material guarantees excellent insulation with the highest fire safety and a fast construction progress. Due to the low moisture content, it is after a day already easily accessible.

Static considerations play an important role in the use of expanded glass GEOCELL for balconies and terraces. Balconies and roof terraces are only limited loads. Since GEOCELL expanded glass a much lighter material than other drainage materials - such as Gravel beds - is, in the insulation of roof structures can be reduced significantly by weight.

Loose fill thermal insulation

GEOCELL® foam glass aggregate has great free-flowing properties due to its spherical shape and easily fills every void in beamed ceilings, floors and walls for thermal insulation. It is also very easy to cover pipes and cable ducts. Facing formwork for vertical interior insulation can be easily backfilled too. The environmentally friendly GEOCELL® fill is very light, non-combustible, moisture-resistant and provides long-term stability.

Managing imposed load on structure
Managing screed thickness
Achieving insulation, acoustic and fire characteristics in a single layer
Low density and high compressive strength: Despite the low bulk density (190 - 200 kg/m³) GEOCELL® is very pressure resistant due to its spherical structure.
Excellent thermal insulating properties: The multicellular structure of the GEOCELL® spheres provides a very good Lambda value of 0.07 W/(m·K).
Excellent sound absorption: GEOCELL® expanded glass effectively absorbs noise.
100 % mineral: GEOCELL® is non-combustible and releases no harmful gases when heat is applied. GEOCELL® is classified according DIN 4102 (DIN EN 13501-1) as construction material class A1 and suitable as fire extinguishing agent.

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