Concrete Product Additive

There is an increasing demand for light-weight concrete products. Whether the demand is from:

An engineering standpoint - reduced load

Health & Safety - manual handling

Commercial Benefits - reduced transportation costs

the introduction of additives is becoming very common.

The manufacture of blocks, bricks and pre-fabricated sills are common examples of such innovations.

Reduction in weight.
Additive does not compromise the integrity of existing product
Low density and high compressive strength: Despite the low bulk density (190 - 200 kg/m³) GEOCELL® is very pressure resistant due to its spherical structure.
Spherical grain shape: The spherical shape gives GEOCELL® special features like great free-flowing properties. This facilitates an easy feed and dosage in your manufacturing process and comfortable mixing in formulations. The closed and rough surface in c
Health-friendly material: GEOCELL® is pure glass, inert, non-toxic, solvent-free, fibre-free, odour-neutral, anti-allergen, radiologically completely safe. The amorphous glass structure prevents the danger of silicosis
Excellent thermal insulating properties: The multicellular structure of the GEOCELL® spheres provides a very good Lambda value of 0.07 W/(m·K).

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