Pipeline Insulation

with GEOCELL foam glass gravel

Due to its unique properties, GEOCELL® foam glass granulate is excellently suitable for the insulation of district heating pipes and underground tanks such as water storage tanks or biogas plants.

Protection of Pipework from Freezing
EXCELLENT INSULATION VALUES: the large number of enclosed cells in each pellet, ensures excellent insulation characteristics. lambda = 0.08 w/mK
INCREDIBLY STRONG due to its glass cell structure, GEOCELL® provides excellent compressive strength
NON-CAPILLARY, NON COMBUSTIBLE cellular glass is comprised of closed cells that do not absorb water. Classified as an A1 building material
PERMANENTLY STABLE stability, durability, resistance against insects and rodents
SUSTAINABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY made from 100% recycled glass inert and essentially ph-neutral
CE CERTIFICATION CE mark: GEOCELL® declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives
SAVING TIME AND MONEY GEOCELL® is quicker to install than conventional methods cutting construction time and cost

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